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exproof algılama

Gas Detection and Warning Systems in Exproof Areas

Petroleum, petroleum products, chemicals, natural gas, coal mines, grain silos. In many industries dealing with flammable flammable and explosive substances, such as sugar factories, factories, pharmaceutical industry, some branches of the food industry, normal operation or malfunction and maintenance (for reasons such as gas, dust or flammable liquid vapor), explosive environment consists of. The arc caused by the heating and operation of electrical devices endangers these environments and causes explosions. For these reasons, electrical equipment used in explosive atmospheres of such workplaces must be different. These equipment are called EXPROOF.

Exproof areas in the facility and flammable and explosive gases (LPG, CH4), Oxygen (O2), Carbon monoxide (CO), Chlorine (CI), Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), Freon types, Ammonia (NH3), NO2, SO2, NO in these areas. We offer exproof detection solutions for detection of HCN, HCI, H2, Naphtha, CO2.

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