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Emergency Exit Guidance System with Voice and Direction Sign Announcement

sesli exit armatür

Audible and illuminated point announcement integrated with Exit luminaire
It is an integrated solution that enables disabled and unimpeded individuals to reach emergency exits with our product that functions as an audible exit luminaire.It can be connected to conventional siren lines of all fire detection systems independent of the brand. You can integrate it into lighting automation with the branch connection option.
In order to evacuate visually impaired people from these buildings easily in all places open to the general use of the society, audio emergency guidance products should be used. This product has been produced to meet the needs of disabled people in the evacuation processes and the evacuation of buildings easily and to meet the demands of accessibility regulations.
The product ensures that the necessary voice announcements are made in line with the previously prepared scenarios in order to direct our disabled visitors to the nearest escape point. Voice announcement is supported with the flasher on it. Since it is compatible with all addressable fire detection and security automation systems, it can be integrated into central evacuation scenarios. It is produced for use in public buildings, social - cultural areas, Port, Station, Station, Shopping areas, Stores, Bank, Post center, Market etc. buildings.
Our point-based emergency announcement product, developed for the visually and hearing-impaired, provides guidance with voice messages in addition to its luminous guidance in case of possible evacuation. It is designed for economical markings that can be used in ceiling, wall and door applications, in accordance with the standards. 5 mm transparent plexiglass diffuser is used. Light source LEDs radiate through the profile, along the plexi, illuminating the figure on it. The articulated mounting apparatus used for ceiling and wall mounting gives an aesthetic appearance by hiding the cable and connection point. Ni-cd battery group is used in all emergency burning models. The mains supply voltage is standard 220 volts AC / 50 Hz. In models with a battery, the charging time is at least 24 hours when used for the first time. Positive and negative foil or pantograph engraving can be applied optionally on the plexiglass. Within the framework of ISO 9001-2000 quality management system, production is made to TS 8710 EN 60598-2-22 standard.

Exit Armatüre Entegre Sesli ve Işıklı Acil Çıkış Yönlendirme: Hoş Geldiniz

Emergency Exit Announcement with Audible Exit Armature

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