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VESDA OSID New generation Beam Detector 

everday beam dedektör

Osid Beam Detector Product Options



Xtralis OSI-10 Imager 7° Horizontal, 4° Vertical Shield, min. 30m, max 150m range, use only with standard power emitter, 8mA@1xemitter, 10mA@7xemitter

Xtralis OSI-90 Imager 80° Horizontal, 48° Vertical Protection, min. 6m, max 34m range (with standard powerful emitter), min. 12m, max 68m range (with high power emitter)


Xtralis OSE-SP-01 Standard Power Emitter with Internal Battery

Xtralis OSE-SPW Standard Power Emitter, 24V DC External Powered

Xtralis OSE-HPW High Power Emitter, External Power Input, 800mA@24V DC

Xtralis OSE-HP-01 High Power Emitter with Internal Battery

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