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Elderly Support, Home Care Automation System

Home Care; Effective care and safety automation for Elderly, Sick and Handicapped individuals living alone or in need of care at home. Automation solutions for public institutions and municipalities that provide disabled and elderly support services:

Elderly and disabled individuals living alone in their homes;

  1. Monitoring health conditions in digital environment

  2. Informing the relevant health authority when necessary

  3. Ensuring the safety of elderly people

  4. Meeting the personal needs of elderly people

  5. Supporting elderly people to live in their homes

  6. We offer electronic solutions to increase the quality of life and ensure their social integration.

What is Followed in Home Care Service.

  1. Health Risks

  2. Pulse

  3. Temperature

  4. Fall

  5. Don't leave the house

  6. Asking for help with a panic button

Security Risks

  1. Fire, smoke, Gas detection

  2. Anti-theft alarm

  3. Water and flood alarm

Social help

  1. Follow-up of social service needs such as cleaning, food, etc.

How does it work

Disabled, Sick, Elderly person communicates with the center by pressing the button whenever deemed necessary with the portable wristband or necklace type and the panic button. The conversation starts with the call center operator as soon as the button is pressed, and bidirectional communication is provided in this way. It can be provided in conversation with the hands-free microphone and speaker on the panel.

Panic button also measures body temperature, (Optional Pulse, oximeter and fall sensor) alarm scenarios continue to function just like when the panic button is pressed, in case of exceeding the specified level;

At the same time, this information reaches the call center in parallel, and the process is followed, confirmed and reported simultaneously;

Application user can be backed up in parallel.

The system is open to developments. It can add suitable new generation medical devices.


  1. 7/24 Professional monitoring and control

  2. Two-way voice conversation via GSM connected panel

  3. Panel touch and voice guided

  4. Functional emergency buttons on it

  5. Panel communicates centrally with TCP / IP over 3G or GPRS

  6. 869 MHZ wireless communication with panel equipment

  7. Parallel alarm center connection

  8. Meeting with the center in case of emergency by means of a button

  9. Informing the center automatically in case of violation, detection and alarm

  10. Periodic communication test signal

  11. Waterproof and long battery life pan button

  12. Measuring body temperature via panic button

  13. Alarm sending over 38 '

  14. Tracking via mobile application

  15. Drug programming via mobile application

  16. Tamper, low battery, communication error notification

  17. Backup battery against power outages

  18. Suitable for wall mounting or desktop use

  19. Warning against dismantling and sabotage

  20. EN 50131 Grade 2 compliant

  21. Wireless security equipment support


  1. Drop sensor

  2. Heart rate sensor

  3. Oxidation sensor

It is the system features known as the emergency call panic button for the elderly in the society.

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