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Disabled Help Call Button System

We offer wireless disabled assistance and call system solutions that will increase the comfort of life of individuals who need help due to reasons such as the disabled, elderly, sick, etc., and that will enable them to reach and get help quickly in the difficulties and problems they experience due to the architectural and physical conditions of the buildings.

All areas where people live collectively and open to the public;

Hospitals, health centers, etc.

Bank, Post Office, Store, Business centers, plaza, shopping mall, shop etc. shopping areas

Station, Station, airport etc. main entrance doors of areas, garage entrances, restricted areas

Various buildings belonging to public service institutions

We offer solutions that enable the staff to reach and ask for help in case of physical difficulties at the entrances of the areas, elevators, disabled ramps, parking areas, etc. You can reach platinum technology experts for barrier-free living solutions.

General Specifications

Audio output 85dB

Piezo buzzer

LED indicator

Wireless communication

Long battery life

Working frequency 433.92 Mhz

Suitable for external environment use

Bi-directional operation

Siren LED flasher and wireless call button

Microprocessor controlled

Surface mount

Compliant with EN 300 220-1 and EN 301 489-3 standards

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