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Cloud Based Analysis and Reporting Solutions

enerji tasarrufu

For areas such as system, server room, electrical fields, vault room, warehouse, archive and special needs of all sectors, technology, industry, health, food, agriculture, animal husbandry, especially temperature, humidity, noise, movement, CO, Voltage, smoke, You are in a sector where it is very important to have values ​​such as flood, frequency, dust, vibration and pressure in ideal dimensions.

Even if you are not at your workplace, you need to be easily aware of the environmental values ​​here.

You need a system that informs you when the environmental conditions you set for your workplace are exceeded.

Now there is an environment monitoring solution to meet all your needs: Esense Measurement!

What is Esense Measurement?

Esense Measuring temperature, humidity, noise, motion, CO, Voltage, smoke, flood, frequency, dust, vibration, pressure, which can control the environmental conditions such as frequency, dust, vibration, pressure, instantly transmits the measurement values ​​to the ESENSE Data Center and the determined values It is the Esense service that gives warnings when exceeded. With this service, your measured values ​​are recorded retrospectively and can be reported instantly.

What Does Esense Measurement Offer You?

Esense Measurement provides automatic and real-time tracking of ambient values.

In abnormal situations, it informs via alarm, e-mail, sms and application on the device.

Alert values, type and frequency are easily adjusted.

It eliminates the initial investment cost with installment payment options.

Esense Measurement service is provided from Turkey's first highly equipped Data Center. ESENSE stores your data in areas with high security standards.


Esense Measurement consists of a device and sensor / sensors

Devices are of two types according to their connection types, ADSL and GSM connections.

Sensors are of two different types, cable and wireless.

Your instantaneous measured values ​​are stored on Esense Data Center in an immutable and indelible form. The ambient condition information of your device is stored free of charge for 1 year.

You can configure variables such as the threshold intervals for which your device will warn, how long / frequency and with which method it will be warned after the threshold violation, via the web portal.

By logging into the system via the web page where you can track your device, you can get historical daily / weekly / monthly or desired time interval reports.


It allows you to automatically and real-time follow the ambient conditions you want to measure.

In abnormal situations, the device informs via alarm, e-mail, sms and voice call.

Alert values, type and frequency are easily adjusted.

Your data is securely stored in ESENSE Data Center for one year.

What ambient conditions can I measure with Esense Measurement?

You can continuously measure and monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, noise, motion, CO, Voltage, smoke, flood, frequency, dust, vibration, pressure. You can set the Esense Measurement System to continue to alert until the values ​​fall within the threshold levels. Since the measured values ​​are instantly transmitted to the Data Center, you can see and report all the values ​​retrospectively. So you can be sure that the ambient conditions are kept at the specified levels. esense environment monitoring solutions

In which sectors can I use the Esense Measurement service?

Health (Family Health Centers (ASM), Hospitals), Medicine (Pharmacies, Medicine Depots)

Cold Chain sectors such as Food (Food Warehouses, Refrigerated Cargo and Transport Vehicles)

Agriculture and Livestock (Greenhouses, Poultry, Basins) sector

Municipalities (Water, Sound and Air Pollution)

Monitoring of industry-independent risks such as flooding, power outage and voltage changes

Temperature & Humidity and Voltage-Frequency Monitoring for IT System Rooms

Pools in Apartments and Sites

What kind of devices can I use with the Esense Measurement service?

With Esense Measurement,

GSM Wired Media Meter (Wired Sensors Can Be Mounted)

GSM Wireless environment measuring device (Wireless Sensors Can Be Mounted)

Wired environment measuring device (Wired Sensors Can Be Mounted)

Wireless environment measuring device (Wireless Sensors Can Be Mounted)

You can have 4 types of device options.

How many conditions can I measure with Esense Measurement at the same time?

Since the Esense Meter has 4 ports, you can use up to 4 sensors at the same time. You can make temperature and humidity measurements with the help of the sensors provided to you with your device.

How many sensor options are offered with the product?

With Esense Measurement, you can take advantage of 15 types of sensor options, both wired and wireless.

How are the sensors and the device connected?

Since all sensors connected to the device must be wired or wireless, you can purchase wired or wireless sensor options.

How many meters do Wired and Wireless sensors support?

A distance of 50 meters is supported between the wireless sensor and the device (may vary depending on environmental conditions). Up to 15 meters between wired sensor and device.

Can a wireless sensor be attached to a wired device?

Wired sensors can be attached to the wired device, and wireless sensors can be attached to the wireless device.

Which way does the device communicate data?

Data communication is provided over ADSL and GSM, so if you do not have ADSL, you can also connect to the internet via SIM CARD.

How can I operate the device?

In order to operate the device, after installing the sensor connected to the device on the medium to be measured, it is sufficient for your user with admin authority to make the following settings for each sensor at

Adjusting how often the sensor measures the environment

For example, you can make an adjustment so that the temperature is measured 1 time every 1 minute.

Adjusting what the threshold value ranges of the condition measured by the sensor will be

For example, you can set the temperature to be kept between 4 ° C and 8 ° C. With this adjustment, your threshold value ranges are determined as 4 ° C and 8 ° C.

Adjusting to whom, how often and with which warning methods the device will warn when threshold value ranges are exceeded:

For example, when threshold ranges are exceeded, you can set a device to send a warning to y and z contacts every x minutes via e-mail and sms.

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