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DLP Micro Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

The biggest fire risks in businesses are accepted by all authorities where the electrical infrastructure is located in the central panels. Platinum technology has developed cabinet type extinguishing systems that provide low initial investment and operating costs and high performance for electrical panels and cabinets where risks are concentrated.

HFC227ea, FM200 and HFC125 VB extinguishing gases used in the fire extinguishing system provide effective extinguishing. These gases are odorless, colorless, non-residual gases that do not harm electrical material.

The system can be set up in 2 different ways.


The efficiency of its system comes from the heat sensitive hose it has. With the effect of the heat generated as a result of the flame, it reacts very quickly and tears occur in the hose at a point where it is most intense and the extinguishing gas is discharged into the environment. The system consists of tube, valve and sensitive hose.

Micro extinguishing solutions are an automatic system with a flexible red detection hose that ends the fire when it starts. The detection hose is made of polymer mixed materials to work best. FireDeTec protects the fire area not from a numbered place, but from everywhere the detection hose passes. In addition to being able to work alone, this system can also be operated with an alarm system or a manual button or valve.

Why is it so effective?

Because the detection hose passes through all sides of the place to be protected, it detects and extinguishes the resulting fire from the central place, that is, from where it first emerged. The detection hose is not affected by moisture, dirt and irregular air flow. It does the job of perception under all circumstances. Pressurized sense hose is placed inside the protected area. In case of fire, the hose on the side of the fire source melts and explodes when it feels the small fire. The extinguishing agent is released from the explosion and extinguishes the fire in a smaller flame. The alarm system, which is adapted optionally, is also activated. The system can be installed in a wide variety of sizes and lengths.

In the direct direct system, there is a fire extinguisher body with extinguishing agent and a detection hose. The detection hose is pressurized with nitrogen gas up to the extreme point, it bursts from the point where it detects the flame and acts as a nozzle, discharging the extinguishing material contained in the fire extinguisher body to the area where the fire starts. It minimizes the level of damage caused by the fire due to its early detection from a very small flame.

Direct system is generally used in all electrical devices and panels, information system rooms, raised floor cables, engine rooms of yachts, UPS rooms, telephone switchboard panels, automobile engines, armored vehicles engine compartments, work machines, etc. It is used in places.


The difference from direct systems is that the extinguishing gas is also discharged into the environment through the established pipes. In the event of a possible fire, a rupture occurs in the hose, this triggers the tube and the gas is discharged into the environment. The system consists of tube, valve, piping and sensitive hose.

Scope of application

Electric panels

System rooms

Electrical machines


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