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Electric Safety Locks

The access control system is used to monitor the entrances and exits of the people, to limit the rooms they will use in the building, to track and report the movements of the users. It is made of various materials that need to be controlled. Effective electric lock solutions for Steel, Glass, Aluminum, Sheet, Wood, Decorative doors

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Magnetic Locks

Metal doors, glass doors, which are desired to be electrically controlled, are products that will be effective solutions for heavy or sensitive doors. Effective locking with up to 500 kg holding force

Electric Strikes

They are products that will be effective solutions in areas in doors made of materials such as aluminum and wood, which are desired to be electrically controlled.

Electromagnetic Locks

Double-sided doors are the solution for locking automatic mechanism electric doors when they are out of use.

Cabinet, Cabinet Locks

It is the ideal locking solution for cabinet, drawer, showcase and cabinet doors and for doors that do not require high holding force. Due to its much smaller size compared to standard locks, it allows it to be used in places where other locks cannot be applied.

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Panic Bar Type Lock Striker

It is designed to be used with panic bars used in fire and emergency exit doors. It is an effective electric locking solution.

Electric Door Opening and Closing

It is the solution for automatic electrically opening and closing of existing doors. Doors can be used without contact.

High Security Lock Striker

Suitable for steel and aluminum doors that are used extensively and require high security striker solutions.

Sliding Door Type Electric Locks

Effective safe lock solutions for the control of sliding doors that are difficult to control electrically

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