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Inventor of the Talentum Flame Detector

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The Talentum® story began by the father of inventor Andrew Broadbent; A textile supervisor felt that the local fire service had become a fixture in his workplace. Traditional smoke detectors could not cope with the dusty mill environment, resulting in frequent false alarms. This posed a real risk of distracting the fire department from emergencies or creating a “cry wolf” scenario where the alarm would not be taken seriously.

Andrew knew that the first evidence of a fire in a textile warehouse was not smoke, but sparks, and thus he would develop the world's first rearview infrared device for flame detection. Being able to detect a jitter in 27 milliseconds, it also becomes the fastest in the world.

Such a fast detection and such a respected Talentum® solution, Project BLOODHOUND setting a new land speed record of 1000mph chose Talentum® as the flame detection device. .

Like the BLOODHOUND Project team, we are assertive and do not believe we are standing still. Talentum® is constantly evolving and new features such as the Test Air Purification kit for exceptionally high dust environments are already planned. With Talentum®, you are one step ahead at risk and your sites and assets are kept safe.

You can get support from platinum technology experts for Talentum flame detector solutions in Turkey.


Can be used for indoor and outdoor areas

Flame-proof, explosion-proof and high ambient temperature options

Internal self-testing capability giving highest immunity to spurious flame sources

Detects invisible flames from fuels such as hydrogen and other inorganic fuels.

Immunity to the effects of wind, drafts and sunlight

Where Does Talentum® Do?

Talentum® is perfect for environments and industries where steam, smoke and dust are common.



Airplane Hangers

Aviation Repair

Mattress Fillers

Biomass Storage and Processing

Chemical plants

Coal Handling and Milling

Compressor Stations


Dust Collection and Filtering

Engine Rooms

Felt manufacturing

Fuel Loading Racks


High Voltage Equipment

LNG / LPG Production

Military and Marine

Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Power Plants


Pharmaceutical Production



Spray Booths

Storage tanks


Waste Recycling


An optical flame detector detects the heat and light generated by a flame.

Using infrared (IR) sensing technology, flames can be detected through elements such as dust, steam and smoke; They are also immune to wind or draft influences. With the addition of an ultraviolet (UV) sensor, a flame detector becomes highly immune to false signals such as sunlight. Optical sensors inside the detector receive IR and / or UV radiation emitted by flames. The processor inside the detector analyzes the optical sensor signal waveforms and determines whether they represent flames and if so accepts them. If the signals do not match the internal algorithms for flames, they are considered to be false sources and rejected.

Talentum® Dual IR

Talentum® Triple IR

Talentum® UV / Dual IR

Product Lifetime

Our products protect people and property around the world from the risk of fire, it is a responsibility we take very seriously. Talentum recommends replacing routine detectors after 10 years.

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