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Linear Cable Type Fire Detection Systems

In case of fire detection problems that cannot be solved by conventional fire detection detectors in tunnels, ventilation ducts, shafts, cable trays, power plants and industrial facilities, special cable type sensors to be installed at risky points and sudden temperature changes at the points are detected and fire is detected with Linear cable type fire detectors.

Linear Heat Detection is a versatile and economical fire detection product. Designed for use in a wide range of fire and heat detection applications, Linear cable is suitable for harsh environmental conditions where maintenance access is in the physical or hazardous area and / or where there is a requirement that cost-effective fire detection is installed. It can be used close to risky hazardous areas.

Linear Heat Sensing cable is a combination of advanced polymer and digital technologies that can detect heat conditions anywhere along the length of the cable. The cable consists of a single heat sensitive polymer outer layer, insulated with two to three metallic conductors designed to break at specific process temperatures. These twisted conductors contact and change in ambient temperature allow to initiate a fire alarm condition from the control panel without calibration. Neither does this unique product need to be heated to initiate a fire alarm of a certain length, adding to the versatility.

For more flexibility, Linear Heat Detection can be used with fire alarm control panels using one of the addressable monitor modules on the cable, or can be connected directly to a detection circuit by connecting cable. In addition, the option finding distance heat source interacts with linear heat detection fire Provides the control panel to determine and view the exact location, feet or meters from the panel. This small easy to install and maintain fire detection suite offers an enormous amount of valuable information.

Easy installation and maintenance

Minimal false alarm

Provides hazard coverage to the cable at all points for maximum protection

Compatible with Fike intelligent and conventional detection and fire alarm panels

Available in a variety of lengths, cable sheathing and alarm temperatures for maximum flexibility.

Scope of application

Cable channels - Pans

Conveyor belts

Power Distribution apparatus: switchgear, transformers, motor control centers

Dust collectors / additional chambers

• Cooling Towers

Warehouses / shelf storage

• Mines


Bridges, piers, boats

Refrigerated storage

Tank areas

Aircraft hangars

Power plants

• Factories

Can the Protectowire Linear Heat Detector be used on control panels of other manufacturers?

Yes, the electrical specifications of the Protectowire Linear Heat Detector are compatible with most manufacturer's control panels. The system designer should verify compatibility with the panel manufacturer of the Protectowire Linear Heat Detector. Due to the limitations in Protectowire length for each zone, the resistance of the conductors must be determined. Protectowire Control Panels are specially designed and approved for use with Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors and are recommended to ensure compatibility and ensure sole source system responsibility.

What is the maximum listed range for each type of Protectowire Linear Heat Detector in the open field?

The listed gap detector mounting layout will be used as a guide or starting point. Reduced space required based on factors such as ceiling height and construction, physical obstacles, air movement, or the authority to have Jurisdiction (AHJ). Maximum listed span for each type of Protectowire Linear Heat Detector as below: 30 feet (9.14m) to center, Type The range is listed for the Factory Mutual 155 ° F and 190 ° F points types EPC, EPR, XCR and XLT - TRI - 15 feet (4.6 meters) to the center. 25 feet (7.6 m) in the center - Protectowire 220 ° F and 280 ° F Types EPC and XCR.Protectowire 356 ° F Types EPC and XCR only points for proximity detection and do not have a range of points.Underwriters Laboratories (except Type TRI) all Gaps, Listed on models - 50 feet (15.24 meters) from the center. The TRI is FM and UL Listed approved only.

Can the Protectowire Linear Heat Detector, with different alarm temperatures, be mounted in the same area?

Yes, the Protectowire Linear Heat Detector (excluding Tri-Wire) may have the same internal structure and be directly spliced ​​in the same starting device circuit. This gives a single Protectowire Linear Heat Detector zone to protect multiple areas with different ambient temperatures.

How is overheating or fire location detected in a Protectowire Linear Heat Detection zone?

All Protectowire FireSystem control panels can be provided with the unique Alarm point location Meter. This feature allows control panels to display the linear distance (feet / meter) to the digital overheat point.

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