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deprem sensörü

Flood and Moisture Detection, Alarm Systems

Thanks to this system applied to system rooms, cash registers, storage areas and places affected by water and moisture, the system will transfer information to the users who will activate the water discharge engine, heating system, ventilation system as required by the scenario in case of moisture or water formation.

Flood detection and alarm system smartphone apps pop up message according to the demands. can send mail and sms. You can also keep all information in the event memory and report it. With the smart phone application, you can manage the system, report it and receive instant notifications.

Flood risk in multi-storey buildings:

Flood risks in mechanical areas: Due to the creation of mechanical areas in multi-storey buildings in the middle and upper floors of the building, possible leaks in installations containing water, such as heating, cooling, etc., pose serious risks on the floor and below the floor with water leakage. It offers solutions that you can follow instantly.

In-floor water and moisture risks: In multi-storey buildings, we recommend the use of water-moisture detection solutions in suspended ceilings and under raised floors in order to detect risks early in order to prevent the problem from affecting the relevant floor and downstairs neighbors in possible installation-induced flooding within the floor.

Sensors used for water and moisture detection in floor areas can be point type or effective detection can be made with textile-based nano technology spread type sensors.

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