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Electronic Perimeter Security Systems

Electronic Perimeter Security Systems From industrial facilities to airports, from collective issues to Prestige villas, many people are established by the experienced staff of platinum technology in order to perceive the risk elements before they occur in addition to the physical measures of the institution and the enterprise.

The products developed in line with the fact that physical obstacles and cameras, which are fixed with painful experiences, are not solely a solution, certainly do not contain any additional equipment to the existing physical image.

An invisible secondary fence is created with the detection technology suitable for the physical condition of the existing external borders, and the risks are prevented by detecting the more suspects trying to enter the borders.

The operator CCTV integration of the installed systems provides point information over the image and the system. In this way, security guards can easily reach the area where the incident took place, even within thousands of acres.

Whatever the conditions are, detection solutions suitable for the environment or terrain are available in platinum technology. All of our products provide you and your loved ones a safe life with a modest protection system that meets the aesthetic demands of your family along with the security requirements of the land, and ensure that the vital needs of your business are met.

The Radio Frequency Intruder Detection system has been developed to provide complete protection where intruders need to be prevented. It is a type of detection that is completely hidden and invisible to the Attacker. It is ideal for detection when the suspect who thinks he is walking in the empty space walks unknowingly into the relevant detection area.

This 'space' is created using two specially designed cables, a transmitter and a radio wave receiver. Any change in the pattern of the waves is analyzed by a signal processor that determines the cause of the pattern change. Man-sized field of radio waves, so their presence generates an alarm when the intruder enters the detection field, as invisible 'barbed wire' behaves.

It provides an ideal security solution as it can be mounted on fences or walls or on the ground. It does not create aesthetic concerns, it detects the attacker in the approaching process in order to protect your business, your family and your home, and detects the situation of approaching more than the specified distance.

Several different products are used in this regard.

  • Microphone detection

  • Air flow

  • Vibration

  • Radar Scan

  • Magnetic field

If you share your demands, Platin Technology experts will offer the most suitable product and solution for your project.

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