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Carrier Kılsen Türkiye

Kilsen is the world's leading manufacturer of fire detection equipment. Fire panel, detection equipment, warning siren and flashers, call buttons etc.  manufactures safety equipment. 

UTC Carrier Kilsen Fire Detection Equipment

Kilsen fire detection and alarm systems, one of the leading brands of UTC Carrier Fire & Security, are offered with a widespread network throughout Turkey with Platin Technology service quality.
UTC Carrier Kilsen Addressable systems have loop lines to which sensing elements are connected. The number of loop lines and the wiring distance depends on the panel used. 125 detectors + 125 inputs, outputs or buttons can be connected to a loop line. A total of 250 addressed elements can be connected. Sensing elements in the loop can be divided into zones and each sensing element can be individually perceived by the panel thanks to the addressing software it contains. In other words, when any detector detects, the location of the detector can be determined individually on the panel or on the pc where the projects of the building, which can be used optionally, are loaded. Conventional systems and addressable systems are selected and sized according to their application locations. Conventional elements are sufficient for systems with a small number of sensing elements and offer cheap solutions.
Advantages of UTC Carrier Kilsen Addressable Fire Detection Systems
1- In addressable systems, clear information of the location of the detector where the information such as alarm, malfunction etc. comes from can be reached. In conventional systems, region (floor) information comes. The net location of the detector must be checked for the region.
2- In addressable systems, alarm, error, loss, malfunction and calibration information of the detectors are displayed on the panel as a point.
3- In addressable systems, 125 + 125 equipment can be operated on each cable line. This number is limited to 20 detectors in conventional systems.
4- In addressable systems, the system continues to work in the problem of the wiring line, providing information about where the problem is. In conventional systems, the part after the line is completely disabled.
5- Equipments such as input module, output module, siren module etc. from addressed systems can operate over the loop line. In conventional systems, general alarm and error information can be received from the panel.
6- In addressable systems, wide range of alarm scenarios that will be activated in case of fire can be applied.
In summary, it offers solutions in large and medium-scale projects with low infrastructure, operating and initial investment costs thanks to its modular structure and technology.

UTC Fire & Security Product Kilsen KFP-C fire alarm panels offer simple solutions for small and medium-sized conventional applications, thanks to their advanced intelligent processing speed. It is designed to be modern in a structure that can adapt to many different architectural decorations. It exhibits a different appearance with its curved front cover. User controls are on the striking gray color leksan on the panel. This conventional detection system, with its easily programmable optional cards and modules, provides numerous advantages to both investors and system builders. Standard Features • Modern and elegant design • Easily removable parts for fast and orderly installation • Regional setup modes • Supervised alarm notification and fire brigade connection * outputs • Class change, day / night, remote reset, extended fire routing delay * delay delay functions • Auxiliary 24VDC output for resetting • Ready-made special function support: - EN54 compliant user authorization levels - mixed zone - Ability to detect all errors from the front panel - single person walk test • Auxiliary standard and supervised relay output cards • Scandinavian Switch and Alarm Counter * supported panel types • Networking up to 64 zones * Not available in 2-zone models Kilsen Fire Alarm System Features • Detector, button or mixed zone (button and detector) • KL700 series detector support • Programmable inputs for functions such as remote reset, class change (school bell), day / night mode delay control • Supervised relays on the panel for fire routing and alarm warning • 110 VAC or 240 VAC supply voltage, 50/60 Hz support • Ability to select standard or resettable type auxiliary supply output • Ability to control the output relays on the panel auxiliary cards by controlling alarm information with AND and OR functions

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