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Elevator, Cable Car Camera

Installing a camera system as a security measure in elevators and cable cars is one of the most important security needs.

The solution is in platinum technology; We offer solutions that work seamlessly, integrated into the wireless central system and have been working smoothly in Turkey's highest-rise plazas for many years.


  • Ensuring continuous security due to the absence of cable and cable resources malfunctions.

  • Uninterrupted and high quality security solutions with technology that allows the use of new generation cameras.

  • To communicate inside the car in case of possible elevator malfunctions with the double-sided voice call option in the elevator.

  • Tracking elevator malfunctions with integration to camera system.

  • Recording floor information.

  • Creating a safe environment in the elevator, 24/7 uninterrupted recording.

  • Compatible with all brand-independent new generation systems.

  • Emergency button integration.

  • Local and central registration integration.

  • Automatic voice announcement option.

  • Creating an alarm scenario.

  • Creating alarms for abnormal movements.

asansör içi kamera
asansör güvenlik kamerası
asansör kamerası
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