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Automotive Key Management Solutions

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Supra indigo ® KeyBox key storage boxes: For the safe storage of keys that cause problems in all businesses such as logistics, maintenance, repair, second hand, service, sales, the automotive sector, to access them quickly when necessary and to prevent workforce losses that will occur as a result of momentary key losses. offers a solution. Key storage boxes are made of special aviation aluminum alloy and are durable in construction. In this way, it can be kept in the box on the vehicle, regardless of seasonal conditions and day or night. Fast secure key management can be provided with the encrypted key system specially created for the enterprise. In vehicles with new generation keyless operation feature, it is necessary to disable the feature in such vehicles because the key must be kept away from a certain distance in order to lock it, or to use new generation models produced for such keys. The solution for such vehicle keys is the max series. A special area inside the storage box ensures that the key is magnetically protected and prevents the doors from being opened even in the storage box hung on the vehicle glass. Automotive key storage boxes are ultra lightweight and have suitable storage capacity for automobile keys.

Storage solutions for automobile keys

Oversized vehicle key box Car Keybox

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