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Acoustic Audible Pedestrian Warning Device

akustik yaya uyarısı

Acoustic audible pedestrian warning device is an acoustic impaired light audible warning device that alerts visually impaired citizens to be aware of the situation in their environment, and controls the ambient sound and light intensity instantly and balances the output power according to the outside situation. audible acoustic pedestrian button is an unimpeded life solution that allows pedestrians not to be exposed to risky situations while crossing the road, allowing the road to be opened to pedestrian traffic without waiting for the traffic flow to stop. It is used in intersections, hospitals and school districts, at all crossings with pedestrian traffic. Touching the easy-to-find button on it for 1 second activates the touch sensor and transmits the pedestrian's request to the signaling system. The status of the signalization is transmitted audibly. Wait now, switch to Green burned. Customizable audible warnings are given in the form of your stop lit red. The sound intensity of the device automatically increases according to the conditions of the environment and generates acoustic warnings. There are red and green lights created for hearing impaired individuals.

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