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Intercom Systems

Founded in 1948, AIPHONE has become one of the most respected and trusted brands in the field of communication systems in the world. The company, whose headquarters is in Japan, exports to more than 60 countries together with its marketing subsidiaries in North America and Europe. The product range extends from simple self-assembly door communication systems to advanced video access control and security systems, complex commercial systems and new generation home and apartment communication systems.

In 1981, AIPHONE won the Deming Award, the most important award in the field of quality control, and in 1993 it was certified with ISO9001. It also got ISO14001 approval at the Toyota plant in 1998 and expanded it to other production points. Our products, which have been performing smoothly for years, are at your service with unconditional technical support when and where you need it.

In video systems, moving camera-lens (pan / tilt) technology, ikitel technology, non-touch (hands-free) technologies were introduced to the sector for the first time by Aiphone and presented to the users with its superior quality and simple usage principle.

It has become popular in our country thanks to its high quality / price optimization and as a result of the production of the system not only with its own cost but also with up-to-date technology, almost unlimited life (systems in Turkey have been serving without problems for 20 years), minimum cabling cost, no defective products, almost It provides great savings to the user in terms of not requiring any maintenance. In addition, you will always feel the Ministry of Industry and TSE approved technical service support with you.

In addition to housing projects, it offers a wide variety of systems to meet the different demands of the user in hospital, bank, hotel, office, factory and especially villa projects, to the service of the discerning user in Turkey as well as in the world.

With AIPHONE, nurse call systems have started to 'talk' ...
With AIPHONE, service units in markets 'reach each other instantly'.
With AIPHONE, your assistant general manager has attained a 'safe' office environment.
With AIPHONE, your spouse will greet you with a 'smile' while opening the door.
With AIPHONE, no one will 'get lost' in the underground garage ...
With AIPHONE, 'work efficiency' has increased in your office ...
With AIPHONE, the 'speed' of your operating room has increased ...
With AIPHONE, your visitor will appear 'colored' if you wish ...
With AIPHONE, your visitor will not be forgotten when you are away ...
With AIPHONE, it is not a dream to open the door of your office / home on holiday and to respond to incoming visitors.
With AIPHONE, we are with you anywhere, anytime, in any way ...

AIPHONE Turkey Solutions in Platinum Technology

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