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Addressable Type Cigarette Smoke Detection and Alarm System

In order to monitor and prevent cigarette consumption in uncontrolled areas, cigarette smoke detection practices will protect people's health and workplace from risks, as well as increase work efficiency.


Restrictions on smoking in workplaces create significant benefits for the business and employees. Providing a healthier and safer working opportunity in the workplace where there is no smoking tobacco smoke for the employees; For non-smokers, prevention of unintentional cigarette smoke damage, which is called passive smoking, enables smokers to get rid of addiction over time. For the workplace and employers, the increase in labor productivity, reduction of fire and safety risks, and absence of unpleasant cigarette smell in various areas within the enterprise will provide advantages.

According to the researches, it has been determined that smokers have a higher risk of disease and more lost workforce than non-smokers. Moreover, the time spent by smokers to smoke also leads to a loss of production time and a decrease in workplace efficiency.

Cigarette smoke detector applications to monitor and prevent smoking in uncontrolled areas of non-smoking in workplaces will not only protect people's health but also increase work efficiency.

Addressed Type Cigarette-Tobacco Smoke Detection and Alarm Systems:

In addressable tobacco smoke detection systems, there are loop lines to which the detection elements are connected. The number of loop lines and the wiring distance depends on the panel used. 125 -127 addressed elements (detector, button, input module, output module, addressed siren) can be connected to a loop line. Sensing elements in the loop can be divided into zones and each sensing element can be individually perceived by the panel thanks to the addressing software it contains. In other words, when any detector detects, the location of the detector can be determined individually on the panel or on the pc where the projects of the building, which can be used optionally, are loaded. Conventional systems and addressable systems are selected and sized according to their application locations. Conventional elements are sufficient for systems with a small number of sensing elements and offer economical solutions.

Advantages of addressable cigarette smoke detection systems

1- In addressable cigarette smoke detection systems, clear information of the location of the detector can be reached. In conventional systems, region (floor) information comes. The net location of the detector must be checked for the region.

2- In addressed cigarette smoke detection systems, the alarm and error information of the detectors are displayed on the panel.

3- In addressable cigarette smoke detection systems, 127 - 125 equipment can be operated over each cable line, depending on the model. This number is limited to 20 detectors in conventional systems.

4- In addressed cigarette smoke detection systems, the system continues to work in the problem of the wiring line, providing information about where the problem is. In conventional systems, the part after the line is completely disabled.

5- In addressable cigarette smoke detection systems, equipment such as input module, output module, siren module, etc. can operate over the loop line. In conventional systems, general alarm and error information can be received from the panel.

6- In addressable cigarette smoke detection systems, wide range of alarm scenarios can be applied to be activated when tobacco smoke is detected.

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