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aca20 ses ve ışıkla acil çıkışa yönlendirme

ACA 2O Disabled, Sound and Illuminated Emergency Exit Evacuation Direction Fixture

The warnings of the sirens used in fire alarm systems are not sufficient for the disabled citizens to guide them in an emergency.

Disabled voice guidance products developed by Platin Teknoloji serve as a kind of voice warning sign; When the fire alarm or evacuation scenario is activated, it will automatically start announcing the audio recordings made on the voice and flashing announcement devices and provide the necessary guidance. With the help of the flasher on it, it supports the visually impaired to reach the emergency passages.

ACA20 sound and light guidance Advantages:

Compatible with conventional siren lines of Addressable and Conventional fire detection systems of all Brands and Security panels used together for Theft and Fire alarm, Wired connection options that will provide easy application, No need for additional batteries for uninterrupted operation. In many projects, the need for additional wiring is very minimal.

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