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ACA ES24 Max Accessibility solutions for visually and hearing impaired individuals with Voice Announcement Emergency Exit Guidance System

Emergency audible and illuminated exit routing solutions for large areas, high ceilings, noisy environments

In public buildings, social and cultural areas, Port, Station, Station, Shopping areas, Stores, Bank, Post center, Market, etc.In case of fire or emergency people are directed to the exits with Emergency Exit signposts placed for evacuation of the building. In accordance with the regulation of accessibility from these buildings, it is necessary to ensure that the buildings are directed to the Emergency exit doors and evacuated from the building in a safe manner in case of fire or emergency.

According to the architectural structure of the system buildings, the fire exit corridors and the areas where the fire doors are located, point-by-point announcement units are installed according to their architectural and constructional features and a direction-description announcement about the evacuation point is recorded.

Audio descriptions should be concise '' Emergency exit is here '', '' Door is here '', '' Exit is here ''

Voice and light announcement device and emergency announcement system are generally confused with each other.

Voice alarm provides announcement to be heard at all points of the building

The audible, illuminated emergency routing fixture, on the other hand, enables the emergency exit door to be reached point by point by following the sound with a sound announcement that increases as it approaches the door.

'' Trying to produce a sound that will suppress the sound of the emergency announcement and the sound of the siren will cause the sounds of the device used for emergency exit routing to be mixed with each other. '' It is the sound to be heard when approaching the desired door and the sounds of the doors do not interfere with each other.

It provides the emergency exit evacuation by starting the direction directions with the point announcement with the command received from the alarm system or the emergency button, and continuing the point announcement and voice guidance repeatedly until the fire alarm system or emergency buttons return to their previous position, directing them to the nearest emergency exit doors in the building where the visually impaired are located.

In buildings with more than one exit door or floors, the point disability emergency announcement units detect the smoke density in their area and direct them to the other floor or emergency exit doors with different announcements, preventing the visually impaired from entering the fire zone.

Frequently asked question: What is the purpose of the flasher on the device conforming to the EN 54 standard?

Notifying hearing-impaired individuals that an emergency has occurred

To enable the hearing-impaired individual to reach the emergency exit door with the flasher light.

Providing access to the door with the flasher light that creates violence that even individuals with low vision can see

The advantage of ACA ES 24 Max is that it provides an ideal solution for high ceiling, wide and long corridor applications with additional loudspeaker support.

Accessibility solutions for disabled living with disabled voice and light emergency routing products were designed in the R&D Center registered by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and locally produced.

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