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aca es 24 engelli sesli ışıklı

Seeing all public buildings, social - cultural areas, Port, Station, Station, Shopping areas, Stores, Bank, Postal Center, Market etc. as directed to exits with Emergency Exit signposts placed for evacuation of people in case of fire or emergency, and It is compulsory to ensure the safe evacuation of the hearing impaired from the building by directing them to the emergency exit doors of the buildings in case of fire or emergency in accordance with the regulation of accessibility from these buildings.

According to the architectural structure of the system buildings, the fire exit corridors and the areas where the fire doors are located, point-by-point announcement units are installed according to their architectural and constructional features and a direction-description announcement about the evacuation point is recorded.

Voice descriptions should be short and concise '' Emergency exit is here '', '' Door is here '', '' Exit is here '' Voice and light announcement device and emergency announcement system are generally confused with each other.

Voice alarm provides announcement to be heard at all points of the building

The audible, illuminated emergency routing fixture, on the other hand, provides a sound announcement that increases as it approaches the door, followed by the sound to reach the emergency exit door and evacuate quickly outside the building.

ACA ES24 Accessibility solutions for visually and hearing impaired individuals with Voice Announcement Emergency Exit Guidance System

The advantages of locally manufactured disabled audio and light routing luminaire:
Integrated flasher in accordance with EN54
Direct connection can be made to the conventional siren line of addressable or Conventional fire detection systems regardless of the brand.
Wireless connection options that will provide easy application in existing buildings without the need for renovation,
Working integrated with all addressable fire detection systems with its modules
For automatic scenario, up to 20 flame / smoke / heat detectors can be connected to the ACA ES 24 series luminaire.
Integrated battery and smart charging circuit for outage operation,
4 switchable and priority announcement options.
Working in full compliance with the building fire scenario with 4 different sound recordings.
Evacuation, evacuation through another door, prohibited passage, Fire scenario.
Software that tracks battery and battery life and health status.
Legal and uninterrupted communication with 868 mHz wireless connection frequency.
Easy changeable sound recording, Live, from PC, etc.

With all these features in public exposure 77.1 85. 1017 PK_D_E07 SOUND LIGHT EMERGENCY EXIT GUIDANCE SYSTEM meets the requirements described with IP ADDRESS exposure and provides technical features.

Considering all its features, it is suitable for use in all types of old and new buildings, even in all possible structural situations.
Accessibility solutions for disabled living with disabled voice and light emergency routing products were designed in the R&D Center registered by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and locally produced.

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