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Wireless Access Control and Electric Lock Striker

You want to apply access control to your existing various doors. In the table that appears, the route of carrying the cables up to the door and the need to make modifications in return for the door lock or door has emerged and you had to review or cancel the decision of the access control application for your business due to this table!

The solution is aperio, produced for wireless access control application, where reader and lock are together.

With the change of the door handle and lock mechanism, it will be an integrated access control application with your existing system and cards.

Suitable for application in various door types in a wide range of products. Aperio is internationally certified, with its high security and long battery life.

The wireless nature of the system allows the addition of new controlled doors by lowering the installation costs.

  • Easily integrates into existing systems

  • Electronic cylinder application puts an end to the problem of carrying keys.

  • Can be assembled in less than 2 minutes

  • Reduces installation costs by 60%

  • Can be used for 3 years without changing the battery

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