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Cigarette Tobacco Fever Detection System

We perceive the lighter and match flame, which are used as the ignition source of all products containing tobacco, at the stage of lighting the cigarette.

You can minimize your risks with our cigarette fire detection solutions that help control the fire risks caused by labor losses, cigarette, tobacco smoke, lighter and match fire caused by non-compliance with tobacco use ban in businesses.

"Cigarette fire detection and alarm solutions are safe and structured that can be used in all areas of your business. It is sensitive to fire. Thus, it can be used as a support element for your fire detection system.

Cigarette tobacco smoke detection detector and tobacco fire detection systems can be used in integration.

They are manufactured to meet the needs of different institutions and organizations. Prevention of smoking in prohibited areas beyond your control of your staff and visitors in all areas from theaters to movie theaters, hotels to fairgrounds, from factories to industrial facilities, from textile workshops to chemical areas; It is used for detecting, deterring and perceiving.

Product General Features
Easy installation and maintenance
Flame detection technology
Easy testability
• High sensitivity to flame
Warning sounds
• Can be linked together
Optional remote indicator or relay output
Guaranteed and high quality products and stable operation

Usage areas
• Factories
• Flammable Flammable material facilities
Hotel, hostel and student dormitories
WC and changing cabins
Textile industry manufacturing and storage areas


• Early and effective smoking detection
Integration with existing brand-independent alarm systems
• Wired and wireless detector options

Effective detection and deterrence solution for every business with wired, wireless cigarette fire detection system

sigara tütün ateşi algılama ve alarm
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