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Burglar Alarm and Security Systems

Platinum technology offers an end to new generation security risks Security system, Burglar detection, alarm and notification system solutions. It establishes systems against theft and sabotage. These systems, which are needed today, are the definitive solution to robberies and unauthorized access. The possibility of false alarms of these systems is very low and they provide the opportunity to intervene in the system only with the correct password. There are products and systems with different detection features in security systems according to the purpose and protection system.

Security Automation Systems: The alarm system, in which the burglar alarm system and other electronic systems are integrated, are the systems in which the security risks of large-scale areas such as Shopping malls, Plaza, Headquarters, Factory, Campus etc.

Burglar Alarm Systems: These are systems established to monitor, deter and warn uncontrolled access to areas such as workplaces, houses, offices etc.

Generally used products in systems;

Alarm panels, PIR Motion detectors, Beam detectors, optical smoke detectors, heat detectors, Gas detectors, Glass break detectors, Impact sensors, Beam detectors, Phone seekers, GSM seekers, Internal and external sirens, Magnetic contacts.

Alarm panels: They are of 2 types, which can be connected to the center (with communicator) and local (without a communicator). The choice of panel capacity is determined by the size of the project. If the area to be protected is large and the number of detectors is large, the number of zones of the panel should be considered. System and panel control is possible with a keypad. All programming is done from this password unit. The panels used are microprocessor controlled and have a wide variety of features. Since the alarm panels are battery powered, they are not affected by power outages and have extra protection against sabotage. Since the panel includes a communicator, it can continuously send digital information over the telephone line. Thus, it is possible to monitor the operation and control of the system 24 hours from the center to which it is connected. By providing web connection of new generation alarm panels, it is possible to control, monitor and monitor instantly, remotely and closely, from smart phones.

PIR Detectors: It is the type of detector that detects the movements of creatures entering the protection area without permission and instantly sends information to the panel. It has a wide variety of alternatives according to its place of use and characteristics. Animal detection, optical, wireless are among these options.

Optical Smoke Detectors: Detector type that detects the smoke formed in the protection area and sends information to the panel.

Heat Detectors: Detector type that senses the heat increase in the protection area and sends information to the panel.

Gas Detectors: The type of detector that detects the gas leak occurring in the protection area and sends information to the panel.

Glass Break Detectors: The type of detector that detects the sound of glass breakage in the protection area and sends information to the panel.

Impact sensors: The type of detector that senses the vibration in the protection area, where it is applied and sends information to the panel.

Beam detectors: The type of detector that is applied to windows in the protected area and sends information to the panel by detecting when intrusion occurs.

Phone Dialer: These are the modules designed to call other different phone numbers starting from the first number stored in the memory and send audible alerts when an alarm occurs in the protection area.

GSM Dialer: It is a product that provides reliable communication, designed to be used in areas with no telephone lines, interruptions or problems.

External Sirens: These are sirens designed to be used in outdoor environments, compatible with all security systems, resistant to all weather conditions and impacts, technical equipment to meet all your needs in your security systems and deterrent high sound power.

Indoor Sirens: These are sounders with high sound power, designed for use in indoor environments, compatible with all security systems.

Magnetic Contacts: It is the product that informs the alarm panel that doors and windows, which are usually attached to open and close surfaces such as doors and windows in the protection area, have been opened without permission.

All alarm systems can be connected to the alarm control center via GSM line, terrestrial line and / or ADSL modem, and all alarm-fault information can be monitored remotely through this center.

Platin Teknoloji identifies the technological security needs of its customers and produces solutions from GE UTC CADDX, TEXECOM, AJAX, DSC, PARADOX, HONEYWELL Series products.

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