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Fireray Beam Type Beam Detector

fireray beam

FFE has designed and manufactured fire detection solutions for over 40 years in Fireray UK. Our Talentum®, Fireray®, Aviation Fire Extinguishers and Vibration Switches are trusted by plumbers, distributors and organizations to protect the world's most valuable, prestigious and strategic areas and assets.

FFE started its life as Fire Extinguishing Enterprises in 1974. After building a solid business in fire detection in aviation, our product range covers the design, manufacture and supply of vibration switches to protect rotary plant and reciprocating machinery.

Our commitment to fire detection and prevention has led to the development of the world's most reliable smoke detection beam; Fireray®. With more than half a million units installed worldwide, Fireray® has become the preferred choice of the world's leading smoke detection distributors and installers.

With more than half a million units installed worldwide, Fireray® is the first choice for installers and engineers seeking Optical Beam Smoke Detection over large areas. Preferred by architects thanks to its compact design and the installers and engineers who value the opportunity to speak directly to designers in our UK headquarters; Fireray® relies on protecting the world's most iconic and historic buildings.

You can get support from platinum technology experts for Fireray solutions throughout Turkey.

Fireray® Fast Real Fire Detection

Beam detector can be used as a smoke detection solution in difficult areas

Easy to install: From the alarm panel

low cost thanks to the 2-wire cable system to the detector

It is suitable for historical / protected buildings where aesthetics have an important place.

It is suitable for hazardous areas, high concentration areas and high ceiling buildings.

Fireray® beam detector usage areas



Conference and Exhibition Centers




Historical buildings


Hotels and Casinos

Production Facilities


Shopping malls

Sports and Entertainment Centers


Turbine Rooms


Optical Beam Smoke Detector works on the light block principle. The light sensitive element of the Optical Beam Smoke Detector sees the light generated by the Emitter in a normal state. The receiver is set to a preset sensitivity level based on the percentage of total blocking. There are two types of Optical Beam Smoke Detectors, Projected and Projected. The type used is determined by the installation and ambient conditions and restrictions. Laser-type beam Smoke Detectors Transmitter (T) and Receiver (R) are installed up to 100 meters at each end of the area to be protected. The receiver is electrically connected to a Control Unit, the second is mounted at ground level. As the reflected reflections travel back to the Transmitter, the Projected Optical Beam Smoke Detectors are less sensitive to stray reflection. As a result, Reflected Optical Beam Smoke Detectors can operate within the narrower gaps left in the working environment. In addition, the Projected Optical Beam Smoke Detector Transmitter and Receiver units are generally compact and easily adapted to “aesthetic” architectural designs. See our related products below. Fireray 3000Fireray 3000 EExdReflective Beam Smoke Detectors Transmitter (T) and Receiver (R) are contained in one unit: Transceiver (TR). The transmitted infrared light beam is reflected back by a reflector (prism) mounted directly opposite this unit up to 100 meters. The Receiver connects to a Control Unit, which can be integrated into the Transceiver or mounted at ground level. The Reflected Optical Beam Smoke Detectors use less wiring for lower installation costs (power and wiring are only required at the Transceiver end) and only at the Transceiver end. requires alignment. However, the Reflected Optical Beam Smoke Detector can be vulnerable to reflective elements close to the IR beam path. As the reflector has a wide acceptance angle, it does not need to be accurately aligned as both ends of the Reflected Optical Beam Smoke Detector Fireray 5000Fireray 50R / 100R Our products protect people and property around the world from the risk of fire, it is a responsibility we take very seriously. FFE Ltd recognizes the importance of system integrity and recommends replacing routine detectors 10 years later. Talentum® became part of the FFE family in 2013. Developed in response to the challenges faced by mill owners, where conventional smoke detectors can trigger false alarms, Talentum® is the fastest flame detector in the world. As for the future; We are committed to maintaining excellence and innovation. Every year, we organize regular “trainings” to make sure we are the leader in fire and smoke detection to invest 8% of our future in product R&D and to ensure that our business practices are innovative in line with our products.

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