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Calectro Flood and Moisture Detection Systems

Calectro was founded in Gothenburg in 1969 by a young technician, Karl Johan Pettersen. The company was established as an agency company for suppliers in Switzerland and Denmark. Including program electronic thermostats, level controls, time relays etc. The main idea was to find customers with special needs and develop them in close cooperation with the customer. This quickly led to the development of the first electronic overfill protection approved for oil tanks. A completely new electronic freezer protection has also been developed through close contact with a number of control and regulatory companies.

In the 1970s and 1980s the company expanded significantly, and in the late 1980s it was expanded to include its own development and production, including Calectro's offering. One-pipe smoke detector for the UG-1 ventilation system, which has become an instant success. Since then, Calectro has offered to develop quality products from accredited suppliers, as well as products developed specifically for its customers.

50 years after its inception, Calectro is a full-fledged technology and distribution company with dealers in many countries and a strong Swedish customer base. Perhaps the best known product is the Uniguard® single-pipe smoke detector, currently used by many project firms in the control and regulation industry in Turkey, Sweden and Europe.

Water and Moisture Leak Detection Systems in Platinum Technology; Thanks to this system applied to system rooms, cash registers, storage areas and places affected by water and moisture, the system will activate the siren unit in case of moisture or water formation that may be a risk. According to the pre-prepared scenario, the water discharge engine will activate the heating system and the ventilation system. and if it occurs outside of working hours, it will transmit information by calling the users' phones.

Flood detection and alarm system can send mail and sms according to the requests. You can also keep all information in the event memory and report it. With the smart phone application, you can manage the system, report it and receive instant notifications.

You can reach Turkey-wide Calectro flood and moisture detection products and special prices for your projects from Platinum Technology.

Digital Type Detection Systems

- Equipment used

- Water detection sensor

- Humidity detection sensor

- Control Panel

- Siren

- Telephone search device

- Web connection module

- SMS module

Water Humidity and Leak Detection System Application Areas

IT / Server system Rooms

Electrical Rooms

Heating Cooling centers

Data Centers

· Hotels

Kitchen / Toilet & Vending Areas


Empty Complexes


· Museums

Art Galleries

Archive Facilities

 smoke detection in ventilation ducts

The purpose of smoke detection in Calectro ventilation ducts is to detect smoke in ventilation systems at an early stage and to send an alarm to the control unit when detected. They can then quickly implement countermeasures such as closing dampers and initiating forced ventilation to limit the spread of smoke.

How does single tube smoke detection work in ducts?

The system has an air probe (called a venturi tube)   integrated control unit  cf58d_3194 It is based on bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ (the Uniguard smoke detector is also available with an external control unit). The venturi tube delivers air from the duct to the detector housing installed outside the duct, where a smoke detector detects potential fire particles in the air. In the event of an alarm, the smoke detector sends a signal to the control unit via relays, which then closes the dampers, stops the fans / activates the siren  and forwards the alarm to the automation center  .

The aerodynamic design of the enclosure and tube is crucial to the ability to detect small levels of smoke particles in the air at an early stage


Advanced venturi tube technology

Uniguard's patented venturi tube is equipped with aerodynamic flanges, the most efficient way to draw air from the depths of the entire ventilation duct and deliver it to the smoke detector. This facilitates the detection of flue gases even at small doses and low air velocities. The effect of the venturi tube has been measured and documented by external laboratories.


Flow-optimized enclosure

Uniguard's patented enclosure series (UG-3/4/5) has been specially designed using simulation software to achieve maximum flue gas concentration around the smoke detector. In combination with the venturi tube, the enclosures create unmatched sensing performance even at low air volumes. It also has an indicator for easy inspection of the airflow.


Automatic sensitivity adjustment

Uniguard's smoke detectors have a built-in, automatic sensitivity adjustment that measures the baseline value in airflow each day and compensates for possible changes in the system over time. This minimizes the risk of unwanted alarms and unnecessary maintenance.


Led Status Indicator

The Uniguard UG-3 version has both an alarm indicator on the smoke detector and LEDs on the back to make it easy to check the alarm status in confined spaces.

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